AUST's range includes varieties of large-fruit sea buckthorn suitable for the climate of the Baltic Sea region, with berries weighing 0.5-1.0 grams. Three pollinator varieties that combine to give the longest possible pollination period and higher yields.

Sea buckthorn varieties:

The most commonly grown variety in commercial gardens. The fruit yields both juice (~85%) and high-quality oil. Fruits are light orange, weighing 0.5-0.8 g. Medium shrub, with few thorns. Ripens in early September, harvest time ~ 20 days.

A popular commercial orchard variety when the purpose of processing the berries is oil extraction. The berries contain ~5% high-quality oils. Fruits are dark orange, weighing 0.5-0.9 g. The lowest shrub among commercial varieties, which makes harvesting easier. Few thorns; berries in dense clusters. Ripens at the end of August, harvest time ~14 days.

Very productive commercial variety. Very juicy, dark yellow fruit, weighing 0.5-1.1 g. Juice content up to 90%, very low oil content. A productive, medium-sized shrub with few thorns. The fruit ripens at the end of August and the harvesting period is relatively short: ~12 days.

Large, juicy, light orange fruit with darker spots at both ends, weighing 0.6-0.9 g. The shrub grows tall and strong, but its roots are deep in the ground, making it suitable for drier areas (e.g. hills). The fruit ripens in early September, with a harvest time of ~ 16 days.

Harvest calendar

Pullinators (male plants):

Mature buckthorn shrubs of this variety reach a height of 3.5 to 4 metres. Pollinator with high (85%) pollen germination and suitability for Latvian climate.

A well-known pollinator worldwide. The tree grows to about 4 metres tall. Tree with steep branches, about 2 m wide, dark green foliage, yellow flowers. Blooms early.

Mature trees reach the height of about 3 metres, width of 2.5 metres. Grey-green, fine foliage. It flowers early, so commercial orchards tend to combine OTTO and LORD, giving an extra 1-2 pollination days, resulting in higher yields.