AUST is...

an organically certified family farm in the heart of the Baltic region – Latvia, which has been growing sea buckthorn plants and producing berries for the second generation. Our growing process is meticulously handcrafted, from the cutting of the planting material to the sorting and packing of the seedlings. The nursery is equipped with a cold chamber to ensure precise storage temperatures for the cuttings, and a reel sprinkler to ensure even moisture levels on plant fields. The plants are graded by long-term staff who carefully check the size and root quality of each seedling. AUST sea buckthorn plants are planted in commercial gardens in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Moldova and France.

AUST is a SPPS (State Plant Protection Service) certified sea buckthorn nursery and issues plant passports for its seedlings, which allows our customers to apply for EU funds to establish permanent plantations. Our SPPS registration no. 4005679; SPPS carries out annual phytosanitary inspections at our nursery to ensure the health of our plants. We are a member of the Latvian Organic Farming Association. Our plants are certified organic.

Kristīne Bogdānova, Owner:
"The quality of our seedlings is rooted in the experience of generations, healthy fields of mother plants and long-term, professional employees. We do our best to become even more friendly to nature and even better to our partners."