Sea buckthorn container plants

AUST grows 10,000 - 40,000 sea buckthorn plants in containers on order every year. Container plants must be ordered by mid-March for early August delivery.

Key benefits:

  • Possibility to prepare a field for planting sea buckthorn (e.g. thrash out winter crops, prepare a field, plant sea buckthorn without losing 1 year)
  • 2-year-old sea buckthorns are obtained, saving on: watering, fertilising, weeding, trimming, mowing, etc., while at the same time harvesting 1 year sooner than with 1-year old seedlings
  • The seedlings have grown and matured, so when they are planted in the field, the % dropout will be lower than for one-year old seedlings

* For garden centers, nurseries, and shops, we offer to include potted buckthorn seedlings in their range. Seedlings: two-year-old, in 4L pots, in a peat/black earth mix.  Pick-up or delivery in early August.

AUST potted plants in photos: