Organic sea buckthorn plants are our company's main product that makes commercial gardens throughout the Baltics, Finland, France and Moldova. Over two generations, we have developed techniques for growing seedlings, gentle plants digging, and a quality sorting process. Over the years, we have built up and expanded our mother plant fields to produce high-quality planting material every spring. When you buy sea buckthorn plants from AUST, you also receive an EU plant passport and an organic certificate. If necessary, we can arrange delivery of the plants.

Sea buckthorn varieties

Our range contains only selected varieties of large-fruited sea buckthorn. Seedlings have been propagated vegetatively, preserving the properties of the mother plant - winter hardiness, productivity, resistance to diseases, etc.

The variety most often grown in commercial gardens. Both juice (~85%) and high-quality oil are obtained from the fruit. Fruits are light orange, weighing ~0.8 gr. Medium tall bush, not many thorns. Ripe in early September, harvest time ~ 20 days.

 A favorite variety for commercial orchards, if the purpose of berry processing is oil extraction. The berry contains ~5% high-quality oils. Fruits are dark orange, weighing ~0.9 gr. The lowest bush among the commercial varieties, which makes harvesting easier. Not many thorns, berries arranged in dense bunches. Ripe at the end of August, harvest time ~14 days.

A very productive commercial variety. Very juicy, dark yellow, 0.5-1.1 gr fruits. Juice content up to 90%, oil content very little. Medium-sized bush, not many thorns. The fruits ripen at the end of August, the harvesting time is relatively short: ~12 days.

  Fruits are large, juicy, light orange with darker spots on both ends, ~0.9 g weight. The bush grows tall and strong, but the roots go deep into the ground, so it is suitable for drier areas (for example, hills). Fruits ripen in early September, harvest time ~ 16 days.

*Male varieties to combine with female plants: Lord, Pollmix-1, Otto

Sea buckthorn plants for sale

How to calculate the required number of plants?

To calculate the number of sea buckthorn plants you need, consider the following parameters:

  • Planting distance between rows - 4 metres (can be 3,5-3 m if narrow-row cultivation)
  • Planting distance - 2 metres between plants (for optimum sun exposure of bushes)
  • Preferred planting direction: north to south (for a uniform crop)
  • Free or tractor turning zone at field ends - at least 8 metres
  • The optimum number of plants per 1 ha is 1,250 pcs.
  • 1 male plant (pollinator) per 8-10 female plants

If you need help calculating the number of plants, choosing varieties, or other questions: Kristīne Bogdānova, +371 20037855, [email protected]

Available for booking:

  • One-year-old bare-roots - L size
    * In commercial gardens, one-year-old bare-root plants in size L are most often planted - this is the optimum price/size ratio. Easiest/cheapest to transport.

  • One-year-old bare-roots - M size
    M-size seedlings will be cheaper but may have a higher drop-out rate in the first year, but this option is also quite often chosen for financial reasons or simply because there are no other seedlings available.

  • Two-year-old container plants - XXL size
    * The main advantage is that they can be planted out of pots at any time, where as bare-root plants are planted only in spring, as soon as the ground thaws. Plus all the other bonuses - saved one year's costs for mowing, weeding, fertilizing and watering. Harvest one year earlier.

AUST sea buckthorn plants: